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Test Results

Most Pathology and X-ray results usually take 2-3days to obtain. For reasons of confidentiality, it is practice policy not to give results over the phone. 'Normal' results may need further investigation, explanation or follow-up at a later date.


Once your test results are received by our practice,

They will be reviewed by the GP that referred you for the test (or another GP if the referring GP is on leave). This will take at least a few hours given our GPs are seeing patients throughout the day, and it may take a day or so if the referring GP doesn’t work every day. However, if anything urgent arises in the results, the result will be flagged by the testing company so that one of our GPs knows to review them and we will contact you as soon as necessary.


If you don’t hear from us within the expected time frame for the result,

 you should contact us to confirm that we have received your results and to find out whether you need to book a follow-up appointment (just in case your sample has gone missing, or the results have not been sent to us properly). We’ll take a message and ensure that you are either called back by our Practice staff. Rest assured that if your results have any urgent findings, we will try to contact you as soon as possible.